Art Nouveau

Rare (1/4)

  • Rare Elegant Salt Cellar In Art Nouveau Style Made Of 950 Sterling Silver From France
  • Rare Grand Art Nouveau Style Cake Shovel In 800 Silver By Wilkens & Sö Bremen
  • Rare Chinese Porcelain Vase Pretty Formed Art Style New Height 27 Cm
  • Rare Elegant Art Nouveau Style Pendant With Portrait Of Women 800er Silver #4
  • Rare Size Xxl Vegetable Serving Warp Style Art Nouveau Bsf 800er Silver
  • Rare Art Style Bread Collector New 800er Silver Franck, Hamburg Main
  • Rare Set Elegant 6 Mokka Style Art Nouveau Cuillere From 800er Silver Approx. 1900
  • Rare Elegant Salznapf Art Style New 800er Silver Lutz&weiss Pforzheim
  • Rare Set 6 Obst-gabeln Style Art Nouveau Cheese From 800er Silver Wilkens & Soe
  • Rare Set 6 Mokka Style Art Nouveau Spoon From 800er Silver Koch&bergfeld 1905
  • Rare Spotted Tablet. Art Style New Bord 800er Bead Silver Mayen&co
  • Rare Sterling Silver Sterling Style Art Nouveau Cream Spoon 1900
  • Rare Salad Stylus Art Nouveau From Bsf 800er Silver Um Approx. 1910
  • Rare Elegant Coquetier / Drinkkelch Art Nouveau Style In 830er Silver Denmark
  • Rare Elegant Praline Scou Small Bol Art Style New 925er Sterling Silver
  • Rare Elegant Garnir Cuillère Style Art Nouveau From 830er Silver Denmark Um 1936