Art Nouveau

Type > Vase (1/2)

  • Art Nouveau Vase Signed By André Villien Jugendstil Style 50 Cm
  • Old Regular Vase Style Art Nouveau Signed Omerth Decor Young Fisherman River
  • Pretty Pair Legras Glazed Glass Vases Floral Style Art-new Dahlia
  • Old Vase Ball Art Style New Colored Glass Mount Iron Forged Signed Val
  • Beautiful Vaporizer In Porcelain Of Royal Dux Young Naked Woman In Art Deco Style
  • Art Nouveau Style Tin Vase By Pedro Rigual
  • Ancient Regular Vase Patine Style Art Nouveau Signed Moreau Decor Hirondelle Fleur
  • Royal Dux Ancient Vase Art Style New Porcelain Decor Men's Corne De Brume
  • Pair Of Large Porcelain Vases In Empire Style
  • Pair Of Vases In Regular Period 1900 / Vase Style Art Nouveau / Amphore 1900
  • Old Glass Vase S-vres L-f Style Hard Stone Jade Art-new Late 19th Century
  • Sandwater Glass Ball Vase Style Lalique 30/40
  • Vase Marabout Bird Style Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Porcelaine Bronze
  • Elf Frog Vase Fee Style Art Deco Art Nouveau Bronze Porcelain Jbt9
  • Charles Louchet Paris R.c. Peyre Vase Bronze Art Nouveau In Mucha Style
  • Marabou Bird Vase Style Art Deco Art Nouveau Porcelain Bronze