Art Nouveau

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  • Statue Sculpture Fencing Epee Style Art Deco Style Art New Solid Bronze Sig
  • Carré 7mm Lot D'ancienne Handle + Plaque Of Cleanliness Brass, Style Art Nouveau
  • 1950/60 Sculpture Resin Style Art Nouveau Letter Bear Woman Sitting
  • Statue Sculpture Cerf Dog Hunting Animal Style Art Deco Style Art New Br
  • Pendant Or Brooch Old Bouquet Flower / Gold 750? (18k) Art Nouveau Style
  • Statue Sculpture Horse Animal Style Art Deco Style Art New Solid Bronze
  • Statue Sculpture Cat Girl Chair Style Art Deco Style Art New Bronze Massi
  • Art Style New Tambourin Dancer Bronze Sculpture Detail Museum Quality Opens
  • Statue Sculpture Faisan Bird Animals Hunting Style Art Deco Style Art Nouveau
  • Original Style Art New Nude Bronze Marble Mermaid Statue Sculpture Marble
  • Magnificent Art Style New Victorian Pure 100% Bronze 13 Grand Sculpture
  • E Gendrot 1899 Rare Women's Watercolor Menu Project Art New Mucha Style
  • Wonderful Art New Red Table Lamp Tiefätzung Gallé Style
  • Empty Silver Metal Pocket In Art Nouveau Style 1900 Young Woman
  • Bronze Collection Sculpture Statue Style Art New Signed Nu Diane The Hunter
  • Fausto Codenotti, Women -1907 Photolithography, Art Nouveau, Style Mucha