Art Nouveau

Type > Lampe De Table (1/4)

  • Beautiful Art Nouveau Style Glass Paste Mushroom Lamp By Artists Such As Gallé And Muller
  • Engraved Lamp In The Gallé Style, Art Nouveau, Helena Model With Red Landscape
  • Beautiful Pink Glass Mushroom Lamp In Art Nouveau Style By Dlg Gallé, Other
  • Guimard-style Art Nouveau Lamp
  • Engraved Lamp In Gallé Style, Art Nouveau, Mini Ik Model With Blue Flowers
  • Art Nouveau Bronze And Glass Paste Lamp, 1900, 20th Century.
  • Translation: Antique Very Pretty Art Nouveau Brass Swan Neck Desk Lamp
  • Nice Office Lamp In Bronze And Brass, Art Style Nouveau Favori Paris
  • Deknudt Art Style Lamp New Loevsky And Loevsky Usa 1960 1970
  • New Art Style Woman's Office Lamp, Bronze And Glass Pate
  • Golden Bronze Table Lamp Scissors Style And Epoque Art Nouveau Xix Lamp French Old
  • Lamp Style Art New Bronze 35 Cm
  • Ancient Lampe Style Art-nouveau Bronze Statue Woman Flowers Tulip In Opaline
  • Gallé-style Grave Lamp, Art Nouveau, Blue Landscape, Ombelle Deco
  • Biscuit Style Living Room Lamp Art Nouveau Art Deco Annees Folles
  • Superb Lamp A Poser Shape Mushroom Style Art Nouveau La Rochere